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The Green’s Ladies Golf Club, Inc. was organized May 1, 1954, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Lorraine Sawyer. Although women were looked upon by male golfers as someone to plan social activities, Mrs. Sawyer envisioned that black women could partake of the experiences on the golf links, including the 19th hole, instead of simply being golf widows. She saw that there was a need for black women to have a club that could nurture their interest in golf.

On May 1, 1954, she convened with seven other women at 160 N. Sanford Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where they laid the foundation of the Green’s Ladies Golf Club. As the founder and first president, Mrs. Sawyer was motivated by the need for a totally governed black female golf club; which would be respected in the community and beneficial to other black women interested in sharing in the joys of golf. The Charter members were: Opal C. Shields, Alma Fay Horn, Mary Frances Simpson, Lubertha Slocum, Lillian Cherry, Ann Wilson, Gladys Gray. These women became the liberators of black women into golf in the City of Philadelphia and South Jersey. That year the mold was set with an everlasting impression that would outlast any of us as members.
Over the years the club members have traveled the eastern seaboard from Boston to Miami extensively to places such as Boston, Springfield, New Haven, Hartford, Stanford, New Bedford, Baltimore, New York, Washington, DC and of course Philadelphia.

The first tournament hosted by the Green’s Ladies Golf Club was held in 1955. With the participation of golfers from Philadelphia and the various cities to which we traveled in our first year of tournament play, the tournament was a tremendous success. We became members of the Eastern Golf Association and the United Golf Association.

Our Past Club Champions are:

Lorraine Sawyer* Juanita Hall* Opal C. Shields*
Willa Mae Davis* Margaret Taylor* Odell Smith*
Phyllis Meekins* Verda Michaux Shirley Bennett
Bertha Dent Dianne Robinson JoAnn Brown
Lucille Covington Patricia Bantom  

In August 1973, the club entered three of our Junior Golfers into the U.G.A. Nationals, which the Greens Ladies hosted for a week at the Freeway Golf Course in Sicklerville, New Jersey. In 1978, the Green’s Ladies Golf Club sponsored Rita Hart to receive golf instructions at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.

Over the years the Green’s Ladies Golf Club has sponsored its members in tournaments throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. Its members have found deep, lasting bonds with members of many other women’s golf clubs. In 1999 the Green’s Ladies Golf Club began hosting an annual tournament, “Rally For the Cure”, which resulted in the club donating more than $25,000 to the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We celebrate the accomplishments of those first seven women who met nearly 60 years ago to organize this club and we acknowledge the many women who contributed to the continuation of this club.

Our Past Presidents

Lorraine Sawyer*, Founder and 1st President, followed by:
Cynthia Williams Ray*
Genevieve Mercer*
Winifred Stanford
Daisy Reaves*
Opal Shields*
Alma Faye Horn*
Carolyn Richardson*
Ann Williams*
Fredretha Thornton*
Flora Derrick (Honorary Member)
Portia Oulds*
Wilhelmina Herbert
Marjorie Brooks (Honorary Member)
Delores Andy*
Marilyn Josie
Dianne Robinson

*denotes deceased

Green's Ladies Golf Club in 1958




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